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Green Valley Pump House kit

The HO version is now shipping with the O scale should be available in a week, S scale will follow about 2 weeks later.

HO Scale Green Valley Pump House Kit is a new design in that it uses basswood laser cut brick walls that interlace at the corners just like real brick buildings would.

The is a craftsman kit and not for beginners. It's small but still work to complete. There are 1/32" plywood subwalls that shell the building and are the backing for the basswood etched brick walls.

All new 3D CAD designed windows, doors, vents and chimney by Walt at Rusty Stumps Scale Models and printed on our own 3D SLA printers for fine detail and accurate sizing so they sort of snap into the kit walls.

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Ready and Shipping

The roof top design shown in our HVAC Fittings section is finally here all three scales.

All parts necessary to reproduce this setting are included in the kit along with a two page helper insert. There is also a more in-depth tutorial on our website.

Kts for all scales now in stock and shipping.

If you have been wondering just how to use our HVAC fittings on your industrial, commercial or office type buildings here is your change to learn and it's real easy to do.


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OCTOBER   October has finally truned from 90 degree weather to just above freezing weather. I seem to be feeling the cold more this year than in the past. Oh, well, get use to it I figure.

   I've been busy lately with bringing two new kits to market and also expanding our lines of Detailing Items. There new detail items in all three scales now on the website and more are being added over the next few weeks.

   We made a trip up to Michigan last weekend to visit with two of our sons and also meet them at Green Field Village in Dearborn. It was a cool raining day but it cleared around noon and was rather warm the rest of the day. Just what you'd expect in Michigan this time of year. Took a lot of photos and had a lot of fun there.

   I'm working on a whole new line of pipe fittings for 1/16" diameter styrene rod. There will be a number of fittings offered along with items like globe vales and such. I've already done prints and assemble a few of the items but have more to develop before I release the whole lot. Hope to have that done with in a week or two. I'd post a photo but that wouldn't show enough of what's to be offered. You can see one over on our FaceBook page and I will post there as soon as I have a good all around assembly made up. These will make good water or sewer pipes as well as maybe steam pipes depending on your needs. Once the 1/16" fittings are ready I will then go on to make two larger sizes.

   Otherwise things are a bit on the quite side. Not a whole lot of action around the house. Mary has done most of her prep of the garden and such for fall but still a few things to do once we've had the first freeze. Plants and shrubs to be cut back for winter.

   Take care and enjoy the fall foliage if it's in your area.  

                                                                         Walt & Mary-

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